Paper Cylinder Table Lines (645 f)


The simple and clean design of the Paper Cylinder Table Lamps offer a traditional look with an eco-friendly twist. The thirteen-inch-tall cylinder shades are constructed from handmade, recycled paper created by a husband-and-wife team living on the outskirts of their small city in the Philippines. Layered papers combined with patterns or inlayed leaves add texture and style. The result is a natural lamp that exudes soft, warm light.

Features handmade, recycled paper. The reclaimed paper is boiled and ground into a liquid pulp and then strained over a large, flat, screen where it begins to lay flat in sheet form. The sheets are squeezed under a large press to removed excess water and to bind the pulp fibers into a durable, cohesive sheet of handmade paper. From there, each handmade paper sheet is cut to proper size and hand placed onto a standard UL lampshade backing using a non-toxic adhesive. The shade is adhered to a solid mango base, sustainably sourced from mango farms. Bamboo, acacia, fern leaves are used in some designs to adorn the shade behind the handmade paper.

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