  24 Inch Guyabano Leaf Cylinder Table Lamp Multi (507 t m)


The clean and simple design of the Guyanabo Leaf Cylinder Table Lamp is contrasted by the strong pattern of brightly colored, overlapping, hand placed guyabano leaves. That pattern extends 24 inches in height, allowing a stronger physical presence for larger furniture placements. The leaves used in this lamp come from the guyabano fruit tree. This fruit is used in traditional medicines to treat a variety of needs including pain, fever, and high blood pressure. Using the durable leaves of these agricultural trees provides an planet friendly, secondary use to the guyabano farmers.

Features overlapping fossilized guyabano leaves that are hand placed onto a standard UL lampshade backing using a non-toxic adhesive, laminated and formed into a cylinder shape. The shade is handstitched onto a powder coated, wrought iron frame and uses wooden finials as feet.

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